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Location & Stay

Ranchi is the capital of the state of Jharkhand in India, which is endowed with rich iron ore and coal deposits. With its rich mineral resources and industrial base, Ranchi is rapidly developing into an important industrial sector in India. The city is surrounded by thick forests and beautiful natural waterfalls. Ranchi is located in eastern part of India, around 400 km from Kolkata. It has generally pleasant and moderate climate.

Ranchi is well connected by Air & Rail will all the major cities in Ranchi. Ranchi offers a range of accommodation to suit every budget. Both economy and luxury class hotels are located within 7 km from the Conference Venue. A list of such hotels with reasonable distance from Seminar venue, airport & Railway Station are :

  • Capitol Hill ( 3 Km)

  • Yuvraj Palace ( 2 Km)

  • Green Acres ( 2 Km)

  • Green Horizon ( 3 Km)

  • Capitol Residency ( 3 Km)

  • Radisson Blue ( 3 km)

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