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About TKS

Technology Knowledge Society (TKS) is forum of RDCIS executives for sharing technological developments in metal industry. It organises seminars, conferences, workshops on contemporary and latest developments specially related to steel industry and affiliated areas like cokemaking, refractory, energy, environment, automation and information technology.



RDCIS is the corporate R&D Centre of Steel Authority of India Ltd. (SAIL), the largest steel producer in India. The major efforts of RDCIS are directed towards process innovations, energy conservation, product development, cost reduction, value addition, quality improvement, yield improvement, environment control etc. at different SAIL plants. It pursues a number of collaborative research programmes with leading institutions in India.



The ICAR-Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology (IIAB), Ranchi, established under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is a national institute for agricultural biotechnology, which envisages harnessing the immense potential of the advanced technologies in all aspects of agricultural biotechnology for enhancing the agricultural productivity and growth of the country. The chief mandate of the institute is basic and strategic research in agricultural biotechnology and imparting excellence in academics through improving the quality human resource.

Our Patrons

Sri Amarendu Prakash, Chairman SAIL

Sri A K Singh, Director (Technical, Projects & Raw Materials)

Organising  Committee


                       Sri N Banerjee, ED I/C, RDCIS, SAIL                        



    Dr  S  Rakshit, Director ( ICAR-IIAB)


                                        Sri S K Kar, ED, RDCIS , SAIL                                    


            Organising Secretary                  

                      Sri P Banerjee, CGM (CC & EE), RDCIS, SAIL               


Technical Secretary

                 Sri S Mitra Mazumder, GM(E&E), RDCIS, SAIL             

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